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Your online strategy must start with relevant content to attract and also transform visitors into buyers.


Below is the all-star content marketing team you need to attract 1,000,000+ visits per month.

Let’s grow together. beHuman is ready to be the global ambassador of your brand. Resonating your passion, we’ll spread awareness about your vision, by authentically sharing what makes your culture great.

Blogging (Hands-Free)


Magnetic Blogging

We’ll delight your audience and their friends, by creating relevant and sharable blog articles, aligned with your brand’s vision.

Improve Online-Rank

Our blog writing team will spread awareness about your brand. With more pages, get found on Google, Yahoo, Bing and even Baidu!

Measurable Growth

Everyday your brand will become more easily found online, by users searching for keywords related to your products or services.
  • Consistent Blogging gets you 55% more traffic! 55% 55%
  • 400% More indexed pages are produced by blogging 400% 400%

With our hands-free service, you'll be free to focus your team's best energy & time on cultivating the relationships you need to grow a thriving brand.

Meet your brand’s new Storytellers

Jason B. | Australia

Jason B. | Australia

Native English Writer

Jason is a graduate of the University of New South Wales, with a BArts in history and politics. While studying for his undergraduate degree, Jason attended the Australian Defence Force Academy as an army officer trainee. Following this, he attended Griffith University, where he completed a graduate diploma of education and an MA of international relations. Jason has been a freelance writer since his time in university and has experience with a wide range of styles and genres.
Michelle Y. | Singapore

Michelle Y. | Singapore

Native English & Mandarin Writer

Words don’t exist in a vacuum. They are a big part of an overall concept, a lean mean selling machine that is designed and tenderly crafted to persuade. I write to meet your objective, to help you create opportunities, to spark imagination in your audience.

And with 10 years’ experience in writing across print, web and broadcast platforms, in media, retail and education industries, I know exactly the level of research and analysis that’s required for crafting effective copy VS delivering fluff that sounds good but doesn’t get the job done.

Tracee T. | USA

Tracee T. | USA

Native English, Television Personality & Storyteller

As a radio | television personality, and all-out foodie, I’ve had the opportunity to travel the country for the past seven years, working in numerous radio and television markets including San Francisco, Las Vegas, Tucson, Omaha and Southern California.

I enjoy seeking out and engaging interesting and exciting places that I may share with other travelers. My mission is to inspire, inform and equip others to have amazing trips that are fun, affordable and culturally broadening.

Baleseng R. | South Africa

Baleseng R. | South Africa

Native English Storyteller

They say a great copywriter can turn a conversation into a sale.
As a conversationalist, I use my knowledge, and experiences of travelling (and living) in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas to help my clients better relate to people.

A background like mine is hard to find, and now it’s 100% at your disposal!

Nele W. | Belgium

Nele W. | Belgium

Fluent English Brand Storyteller

Can I let you in on a little secret? Scooch in a little closer; we don’t want your competition to hear this. Here it is: People actually WANT to hear about your brand!

They just need the content to be delivered in a way that makes sense to them. Your brand should present one unified message throughout all channels, so whether you’re working on email marketing, website content or social media, your efforts are representing your company’s image.


We measure which pages your visitors view and interact with. When they complete intended actions, a ready score is generated for converted visitors. You’ll save time and energy by clearly seeing who you must contact first.


We save you energy and time, by grouping together visitor profiles based on which form they completed or the questions they answered. You’ll quickly understand your visitors primary goals, so you can begin the sales process.


Our homegrown tools with the beHuman spirit for innovation is what your brand needs to achieve rapid growth online. We provide an affordable enterprise level service that even early stage start-ups can join!


Increase Followership

Let beHuman grow your following. We will find and engage people that we know could benefit from your offers and events, wherever they hangout online.

Cultivate Discussions

Engagement is key to your success online. We’ll nurture discussions within trending topics aligned with your audiences core interests.

Actionable Content

Our content not only creates awareness but is consciously written to move engagers from consideration to decision stages where your users will be ready to buy or take action.
behuman member social media events lead generation

Social Media (Hands-Free)

  • Brands who use social media quickly achieved 63% improvement in marketing online 63% 63%
  • Today, nearly 4 billion people use social media regularly everyday 80% 80%

Meet your new social media community management team

Chijo W. | Taiwan & UK

Chijo W. | Taiwan & UK

Multi-Lingual, Social Media Manager

Majored in BSc Applied Chemistry and MA Marketing, specialty in strategic marketing, branding, and international marketing. An international background, along with strong communication and listening skills; these has enabled me to develop well-rounded business skills.
Elina U. | Finland

Elina U. | Finland

Multi-Lingual, Social Media Manager

I’ve lead projects, created content, done design, tried lobbying, noticed that politics ain’t my cup of tea and – above all – had the chance to work with inspiring people from whom I’ve learned a lot. In the future I will always try to surround myself with people smarter than me.
Kaitlin L. | Taipei, Taiwan

Kaitlin L. | Taipei, Taiwan

Multi-Lingual, Social Media Manager

For the past 7 years I’ve been a brand community manager. I’ve developed communities from 0 – 20,000+ followers. I’ve conducted numerous user experience surveys to hone many marketing strategies, which has immediately increased conversions and engagement for multiple brands serving many industries.
Chia Y. | Taiwan & UK

Chia Y. | Taiwan & UK

Multi-Lingual, Social Media Manager

Chia-Chen Yeh is a social observer, thinker and communicator. She has real-world experience in brand building, market research and strategy. Her focus is launching social media engagement campaigns for conversions.

Email Nurturing

We even use e-mail marketing to improve awareness, send timely messages and make exclusive offers from your brand to all your contacts

CRM Integration

beHuman and its solutions integrate with the top Customer Relationsip Management systems, to improve your sales process and build a closed-loop marketing solution.


ThriveSites™ was created to perform these laborious tasks for you, more effectively, while also costing about 80% less than hiring and training an in-house team.

SEO (The beHuman Way)


Purposeful Content

Weekly we’ll search for new keywords and topics to create effective content that connects with your audiences values, while also attracting new visitors.

Humanistic Link-Building

Our writers create persuasive content that is well researched. Great content is shared by leaders in your space with large followings, creating a bridge between their audience, growing yours.

Constant Speed Improvements

We constantly improve your site-speed by optimizing images, compressing scripts and using a CDN. Google ranks fast sites higher than others.
  • 61% of daily searches are for info on products or services 61% 61%
  • 20% of global monthly google searches are for local businesses 20% 20%

Meet the beHuman SEO & Development Team


Aminul I., United Kingdom

Aminul I., United Kingdom

Software Engineer

Aminul has a passion for everything systems. With his formal education in Computer Science & Engineering, we’ve seen first-hand that he can tackle complex online software projects with great ease. We commend his work ethic, as he always delivers on his promises and exceeds our expectations. Both Aminul’s knowledge and performance make him a pleasure to work with at beHuman.


Mary C. | Taiwan

Mary C. | Taiwan

User Experience Designer

I specialize in user interface and user experience design at beHuman. My passion lies in creating elegant and streamlined user-centered interfaces and graphic layouts displayed on desktop and mobile web browsers. My most important assets are my communication skills and ability to listen and understand client problems and goals on a given project.


Sander T., Netherlands

Sander T., Netherlands

SEO & CRO Strategist

I am a conversion rate optimization (CRO) specialist. I provide CRO advice, audits, page mockups, designs, landing pages, a/b tests, site development, in short any service that will help you increase your online revenue. Unlike most CRO professionals, I don’t focus on flashy / ineffective short-term results, instead I create permanent conversion uplifts on all member sites.
Winston O., Singapore

Winston O., Singapore

Data Analyst

Data analytics enthusiast and aspiring entrepreneur with about a year’s experience working with startups. Versatile individual with a background in both business and IT. Proven leadership experience, disciplined and with a high level of initiative. Passionate about using technology to solve business problems, particularly in the field of data analytics.


Our writing team and performance specialists will create generous content and engagement campaigns to inspire and educate “Top of the Funnel” visitors. This will build the trust needed to transform those ‘just shopping around’ into buyers

beHuman loves this tech stuff

Let our team solve these problems. Save your energy and take your culture from good to thriving!

Mobile Ready And Responsive Out Of The Box

ThriveSites is responsive for every device, phone and every resolution.

Site Improvements Based On Real User Experience

We improve your web property based on your member’s researched needs and measured platform experience.

Easily Login, Talk to You Users, and Make Changes

Easily engage with your audience. Quickly add or change blog content, pictures and videos.

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