Get high conversion rates on landing pages

We help you get more leads by creating and managing high performing landing pages.

We’ll increase your Conversion Rate for all traffic

on every landing page, optimizing performance weekly.

Completely hands-free and following our Certified Google & Bing training, beHuman will design and launch the most effective landing pages possible, for your brand. After we design and make your page, we help you optimize and test it in order to make it even better.

Boost Results

We help you with external landing pages designed for one specific goal. You’ll get higher conversion rates and more business in return.

Improve your ROI

Our proven process for optimization with A/B-testing will greatly increase performance on your landing pages. Simply put – get more sales from your current traffic.

Quick Results

Together we define your goals. We design, write copy and launch so you can focus on growing your business. Fast.

External landing pages simply work better

Why do you need external landing pages? Your website is designed with a general purpose in mind. Your landing pages are designed with one purpose. Conversion. By removing navigation and other clutter, you will be able to better present your unique selling proposition for that specific campaign or activity.

1. Define Goal

Step 1 is to define your goal. It could be to get leads, subscriber signups and more. We determine your current conversion rate and build your landing page to succeed your current rate.

2. Design & Build

Step 2 is to create the external landing page. We design your page, write the copy or use yours, finish coding and launch! All you need to focus on is closing your new leads.

3. Test & Improve

Step 3 is where the magic happens. We always launch two versions of your landing page to run A/B split tests to find the best performer. After Discovering the winner, we then create a new challenger. We continue this process regularly, increasing your revenue.

Get higher conversion rates on landing pages

We help you get more leads by creating, improving and managing an unlimited amount of high performing landing page

Get high conversion rates for all screen sizes

Make your customer experience a good one for all screen sizes. You might even run mobile marketing campaigns using, use QR-codes or similar. To get the highest possible conversion rates, we build your landing pages tailored to both mobile and desktop visitors. Interesting fact: Based on experience, conversion rates are higher on mobile than desktop.

Let us launch you’re mobile ready landing pages today!

A/B testing built on proven standards and best practices.

Setting up the ‘perfect’ landing page based on experience is only half the job. There is no perfect landing page. That’s why we always test two versions of your landing pages against each other once your campaign start. With A/B testing, also called split testing, you’ll be able find the best performer – and get dramatic increase in results. The below example shows a test where a long vs a short version was tested.



See how Karmaloop doubled their performance

Karmaloop wanted more leads on the traffic they were getting from online ads in regions outside their home base. We created a single landing page per channel. We measured different user behavior, which differed where users were from in the world. To meet the various expectations, we created a unique layout per audience location. Once launched, we worked to improve the results of all pages, weekly. A/B testing gave 97% increase in conversion rates on one test alone!



Customers we have worked with

We work with companies of all sizes. Here are some of our happy customers that we have increased conversion rates for.

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